Jimmy Truce
Corsham Court and the peacocks.

Ryan White
Westbury White Horse

Gemma Blakemore

Abi Loveridge
Malmesbury Abbey

Beautiful towns and villages - like Corsham. Not forgetting the iconic White Horses and the wealth of ancient monuments.

Jules Kiddier
Swindon Railway village & Mechanic Institute.

Chris Hehir
Maud Heath Monument On Wick Hill.

Stonehenge , Marlborough high street , Salisbury cathedral , the white horse book shop in Marlborough , silbury hill , Wiltshire museum in Devizes .

Kerry clarke
Malmesbury, the Abbey and Abbey House Gardens.

Alexander Sheridan
If you are posting events. We are have the Warminster Medieval Fair at 17th August 2019.

It would be interesting to note the ancient routes pilgrims took through the county to visit places of worship. Eg St Mary's church B On A and the saxon church, whilst on their journey to those as Salisbury.

Janice Blencowe
Secret Garden Bourne Hill in summer, such a find all about volunteering to keep Wiltshire beautiful.

White Horses.

Kit Brown

Annabel Czyba
@themerchantshouse #marlborough.

Joanne Pattillo
Salisbury Cathedral, the Cathedral close, Old Sarum and also Erlestoke Woods on the edge of Salisbury Plain (with the magnificent bluebells in Spring), the secret garden in Erlestoke Woods which was once a Victorian kitchen garden.

Nadine Mortimer
Imber village !! And Imber road in Bratton on the way there x

Ken Taylor
Ancient Avebury and Silbury Hill

Ken Taylor
Stonehenge Landscape, including Woodhenge, the Cursus and many Burial Mounds.

Heritage B&B Calne
Heritage Quarter of Calne, including our house in Kerry Crescent, which was built for Thomas Harris of Harris factory fame 😃

Haunch of Venison, Salisbury @haunch_pub

James Ingleton
Canal & Bridge in Bradford On Avon

Bob Briant
Greggs in the Old George Mall, Salisbury where you can get a bacon roll and a coffee for two quid…..

Our 70s Refurb
Military community and Salisbury Plain are a huge part of what Wiltshire is about.

Marrison Millinery
Stourhead is one of my favourites, beautiful all year round and its the place my husband proposed!

Christopher Hall
Caen Hill Locks (Devizes)

You're welcome to visit @bdacatoldsarum

@mrscbear too many to mention! 😀

Glynis Cosgrave
Box tunnel, the mechanics institute at Swindon, the birthplace of the nhs

Rob Cowley
Proud to be a Moonraker, go and drive up through the fonthill estate in full autumn,walk through the bluebells in spring in gravely woods, sit on the top of Cley hill and watch the sunset in the summer evening,or sit by the fire with a warm pint of local ale in the Carriers at Stockton in the mid of winter..

Corsham High Street - ‘the finest in Wiltshire’ (Pevsner), full of beautiful buildings, with Corsham Court, the Almshouses and the 350 acre Park, not to mention the peacocks that strut about freely. Set of Poldark and other films, yet it’s peaceful and relaxing to wander round.

Clare Padfield
Bluebells in West woods: Great Bustards on Salisbury Plain: Tombs defaced by the roundheads in Bromham Church: Avebury at Midwinter: Stone Age quarry marks on the chopping stone in Fyfield Down.

John Robinson
Lantern procession in Devizes in early December.

Andy Rhind-Tutt
Lantern procession Stonehenge to Amesbury each mid winters eve to celebrate the end of the dark nights.

Jeremy Lune
Generally the North Wessex Downs are magical. If you want a cultural reference then look no further than the play Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth which draws on the power of the land and its legends.Set in Pewsey, it transferred to Broadway and swept the awards boards with all references to Wootton Bassett etc intact.

Jeremy Lune
Moonrakers. Im not born and bred but love that my kids officially qualify for this title.

Today I walked around Battlesbury on Salisbury Plain from there I could see Cley Hill, Longleat Forest and of course Salisbury Plain you realise how little land in this part of Wiltshire is built up there are mainly trees fields and lots of green the sun was out it was glorious wish I could share a photo.

Jane French
Lacock Abbey - a keeper of heritage secrets for over 800 years.

Nik Coleman
Avebury. Stonehenge. Devizes canal. White horse at cherhill calne. Savernake forest. Castle combe village lacock village. Chippenham town bridge. Monkton park in chippenham

Laura Mayes
Caen Hill Locks

Roundway hill and its view from all directions. Cherhill monument, white horses.

The hidden remnants of railways and industry - the bridge pillars at Hilperton, embankments at Caen Hill, old bridges across the Kennet & Avon bear Savernake, the mills In Trowbridge, Crofton beam engines

Wiltshire is shaped like France now that’s a very. big deal.

Kirstie Barter
Moonraker. White horses. Cheese and ham making. Wadworth beer and shire horses.

Monks Well in Edington is a little hidden treasure. Used to provide water for the Priory and possibly for King Alfred.

Jodie Regan
Savernake Forest was an important munitions and equipment depot during the war.

Jodie Regan
Marlborough mound where local legend says Merlin is buried but was certainly an important fortress through the ages and is thought to be over 4,000 years old! Also the nearby and much more famous Silbury Hill, West Kennet long barrow, white horses, Avebury stones and Stonehenge. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏹

Thomas Green
Roundway Hill. Not just the history of what has occurred there but the contemporary meaning as well. It is a a special ace for many of us now.

Lesley Longworth
Westbury Leigh, Westbury... a village dating back to medieval times between Westbury and Dilton Marsh. It has many listed buildings. I’m currently working on a study of the village.

White Horses

Matt Powell
The science block at Marlborough College.

Bridget Codrington

Finlay Paton
You need to Visit Tuckers Grave if you are doing a Wiltshire project. It’s all that’s good and quite possibly bad.

Minnie Scott Russell
Fosbury Fort and The Causeway here - preRoman and Roman

Jane Luce
Woodhenge in Amesbury and St Thomas's Church in Salisbury!

Mahsa Gharibdoust
Building: Ford Mill, Salisbury - working watermill, on the site of the old roman road to Old Sarum. Beautiful on the River Bourne.

Ann Jarvis
Anglo Saxon Church Bradford on Avon, Caen Hill Locks Devizes, West Kennet Long Barrow

Becki Griffiths
Duck race in Ashton Keynes on boxing day! It's a must see!

Scott Jackson
Wheelbarrow race in pewsey on Thursday is a pretty big deal!! 👍🏼 (maybe because I’m from pewsey😂)

Tay Cortes
Are you a member of FB Beautiful Wiltshire Page?
Great prof and amateur stuff

What does a county boundary mean? Is it the historically permanent mark of an ancient shire? An administrative convenience? A community?
I come from Wiltshire - I moved to Brafford-on-Avon aged 3, only moved away aged 18 for university, but regularly return not least because my father still lives there - but a curiosity of county boundaries means that although I live in Wokingham in east Berkshire I can revisit Wiltshire in 10 minutes from my house. Wokingham, as a 1923 history notes, includes a bit of Wiltshire: 'Wokingham was formerly situated in two counties, most of the town being in Berkshire, a part of the town and about a sixth of the parish to the north-east of it, including the church and extending to Bill Hill, forming a detached part of Wiltshire '. If I walk towards the church in Wokingham I cross a 19th century market recording that I am about to cross from 'Wokingham Berkshire' into 'Wokingham Wiltshire'.
What does a county boundary mean? It means impermanence, quirk, fate, history. It means charm.

Louisa McRobb
Hi Ted,
I recommend these places to visit:
Stonehenge & Avebury World Heritage Site, Stourhead, Bowood, Mompesson House, Salisbury Cathedral, STEAM Museum, Castle Combe, Lacock Abbey.
Just a couple that may be good!
Best wishes,

Edward Rogers
May I suggest Sildbury Hill, Avebury , Stonehenge and West Kennet Long Barrow to start. I have been working on a project at Avebury over the past couple of years myself. If I think of any other places I'll let you know if thats ok.

Tevor Sims
The most obvious places to start would be Stonehenge and Avebury. Good luck.

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